Another visit to Fort William

After a visit to Bo’ness I drove to Blackness Castle which was used as Fort William in season 1. The place of Jamie’s flogging and Claire’s imprisonment. It was used in season 2 as well – Roger and Brianna visit it on their travels.

This trip was to try out my new camera. I didn’t manage to visit all of the castle as it was raining and I was slipping on the wet rocks. Please note if your visiting Blackness Castle in the rain wear footwear with a grip not trainers.

Another Trip to Fort William aka Blackness Castle

The second trip of the day was to Blackness Castle. It is called the ship that never sailed as it is built in the shape of a ship. The castle is situated on the shore of the river Forth.

It was even more windy here but we still manage to venture for a walk around the walls.

When visiting locations I like to think how they were used for filming. The courtyard in the castle is very rocky so it would have made for interesting transformation into the crowd scenes of the flogging.

Only Jamie and Claire made an appearance here. Again like Doune castle there were several visitors at Blackness Castle on a very windy day.

Blackness Castle

After my trip to Prestonpans I decided to start visiting various filming locations from series 1 of Outlander. The first was Blackness Castle . The castle is situated on the banks of the River Forth. Called the ship that never sailed due to it’s shape. It is run by Historic Scotland. Despite it being so close to Edinburgh I had never visited the castle. It was worth a visit regardless of the Outlander connection.

Blackness Castle was used as Fort William in the series. It features in several episodes – Castle Leoch, The Garrison Commander, The Reckoning and Lallybroch. Flash backs of Jamie being flogged by Black Jack and Jamie rescuing Claire from Black Jack.

I spoke to the woman in the shop. The castle was used for about a month. She didn’t know if they used any of the rooms as she had not seen the tv series.

I enjoyed walking around the castle imaging where they filmed.

Built in the 15th century by one of Scotland’s most powerful families, the Crichtons, Blackness was never destined as a peaceful lordly residence; its enduring roles were those of garrison fortress and state prison. (Historic Scotland Website)