About AMWeston

After too many years as an IT developer with various financial organisations I went back to University to study to be a teacher. I graduated in 2008. I am a mother of two - one girl and one boy. I am interested in new technologies especially how they can be used in education. I am Apple Teacher. I am a keen football supporter but gave up my season ticket due to being disheartened and lack of money/time.

Meeting Penpals

I am part of a couple of Facebook groups who exchange post cards and letters. This year I have managed to meet some of them when they have been in Edinburgh.

Linda Calamusa


Laura Baldwin


With some of my Outlander friends I was a tour guide. We visited Midhope Castle and Culross.

Regina Behm and Candy Dell

Saskia Henneke



Glasgow Cathedral

In season 2, Glasgow Cathedral was used as a filming location for L’Hospital des Anges. They used the nurses chapel in the lower part of the church for where Claire recovered after losing Faith.

Glasgow Cathedral stands near the heart of Scotland’s largest city. It’s the only medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland to have survived the Protestant Reformation of 1560 virtually intact. Source – Historic Scotland

Deanston Distillery

A little known location for series was Deanston Distillery. One of their warehouses was used as Jarrod’s warehouse in Le Harve.


Deanston Distillery sits on the banks of River Teith eight miles north of Stirling. Deanston Distillery started life in 1785 as a cotton mill designed by Sir Richard Arkwright, and remained as such for 180 years until it was transformed into a distillery in 1966. The constant supply of pure water from the River Teith contributed to the decision to turn the mill into a distillery and Deanston is now the only distillery in Scotland to be self-sufficient in electricity, with power generated by an on-site hydro-energy facility. Deanston sits in the Highland single malt region of Scotland and produces whisky which is handmade by ten local craftsmen, un-chill filtered, natural colour and bottled at a strength of 46.3% ABV. Source – Deanston Distillery.

I could not take photos in the warehouse but here are some photos from outside.

Dysart Harbour aka Le Harve

My husband asked me if there were any locations I hadn’t visited yet and I mentioned Dysart Harbour, so we decided on a jaunt over the Forth Road Bridge into Fife. Upon arriving in Dysart it is a drive down some very steep roads to the harbour but when we got there we were reward by the beautiful harbour.

It is a beautiful harbour with very friendly people – everyone said hello as we passed them by. A reminder of what the harbour looks like on screen.





After a walk around the harbour we went for coffee in the Harbour Masters House – well worth a visit.

Fife Today – Fans Flock to Dysart


Bakehouse Close Edinburgh

Earlier this year Outlander was filming in Edinburgh in Bakehouse Close just off the Royal Mile. I didn’t manage to visit when the crew were in town but a few weeks after they left I visited the close.

I believe the close was used for the print makers fire.

Today Bakehouse Close in the Canongate is perhaps the best preserved Old Town close, and a visit here gives a good impression of what living in the old city must have been like.From a legal document of 1762 we know the complete mixture of people who used to live here, including Lord Adam Gordon; David Doig, merchant; William Dunbar, weaver and Ewen, a letter carrier. Source – Edinburgh World Heritage

Deans Castle aka Castle Fraser

On a damp Saturday in August I drove through to Kilmarnock to visit Deans Castle. It is situated in Deans Country Park. The castle was used in season 2 in episode 8 – “The Fox’s Lair”.

Dean Castle, home and stronghold of the Boyd family for over 400 years, is open all year round to visitors and is one of Ayrshire’s greatest free attractions. The Keep, dating to around 1350, and the Palace or Place, built about 100 years later, house outstanding displays of historic weaponry, armour, plus medieval tapestries and more.

The restored 15th century Palace was spectacularly restored from ruins by the 8th Lord Howard de Walden in the 1930s in keeping with the interior design of the 16th and 17th centuries and even re-using original 17th century fixtures and fittings taken from Balfour House, Fife. It is clear why Dean Castle has been regarded as one of the finest restored medieval castles in Scotland.

The 8th Lord Howard de Walden inherited Dean Castle in 1901. He was a man of many interests and during his life he built up one of the country’s finest collections of arms and armour which are now housed within Dean Castle, alongside his father-in-law’s collection of rare and important early musical instruments.

With permanent displays, changing exhibitions and regular events, from live music to medieval mayhem, Dean Castle has something for everyone. Source – Deans Castle