Information on visiting Lallybroch aka Midhope Castle

Midhope Castle is on the Hopetoun Estate. A vehicle pass can be obtained from the Hopetoun Farm shop which is situated off A904.

Note from Hopetoun Estates –

As from Monday 8th August when you pick up your vehicle pass from Hopetoun Farm Shop there will be a small charge of £2 per guest in your group (excluding the guide). We already know that the average group size visiting the castle is 3-4 guests so we feel this is not an unreasonable amount to charge. Any funds raised will go towards further improvements in the Midhope area including a new information board on Midhope’s history arriving soon.

Hopetoun Estates have been very accommodating with Outlander visitors, this small charge can help improve information and access to Midhope Castle. Please remember to get your pass.

Midhope Castle aka Lallybroch

To finish of our Friday adventures we visited Midhope Castle. We followed the advice from one of my previous posts and visited Hopetoun Farm Shop before heading to Midhope. We were able to drive onto the private road as we had a permit. As I walked along the lane and Midhope came into sight it was exciting, imaging the scenes filmed here.

Midhope Castle is a 16th century tower house situated on the Hopetoun estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

What can be seen today is a derelict much-altered 5 storey oblong tower house. In 1678 Midhope was given a facelift, when an entrance tower was removed and the extension to the east was heightened and extended. A new doorway was added along with a small courtyard to the south.

P1000891During the later 16th century the castle belonged to Alander Drummond of Midhope. A stone inscribed ‘AD 1582 MB’ commemorates Alexander and his wife Marjory Bruce.



Information about visiting Midhope Castle (Lallybroch)

Recently I asked about visiting Midhope Castle on Outlanderish UK facebook page. Thanks to Anne Daly for the following information –
With an increase in visitors to Midhope/Lallybroch, here is the official guidance from Hopetoun Estates today. Tour Groups- please continue to phone or email in advance and then collect a pass- this is simply to control numbers. Individual visitors, please go to The Hopetoun Farm Shop (on the main road) and you will be issued with a pass and directions if needed. The Fireworks people are not keen on visitors using their parking area, so if it is a weekday during working hours, please park in the layby at the top of the road.

This will be reviewed at the end of the summer.