Carlisle Castle

Back in November I was away for the weekend with my husband to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. On the way back we visited Carlisle Castle which was used as Wentworth Prison. It was a very wet day so we didn’t spend too long in the castle, but I did discover a link to the 1745 uprising.

Prince Charles Edward Stuart takes the city and castle with 400 men. The Duke of Cumberland besieges the castle and the Jacobites surrender. Many are imprisoned and 31 are executed. Source – Carlisle Castle.


Linlithgow Palace

Another day another location this time Linlithgow Palace. This was used as part of Wentworth Prison in Wentworth and To Ransom a Man’s Soul. The entrance and some corridors were used.

It had been a while since I had been to Linlithgow Palace. The last time was with my children when one of them was studying Mary Queen of Scots at primary school. I had forgotten how beautiful the place is and large. It was fun wandering around trying to work out what and where had been used in the series.

Linlithgow Palace was a royal palace. The last royalty to stay there was Bonnie Prince Charlie on his way to Edinburgh. The palace was destroyed by fire in 1746 after a visit from the Duke of Cumberland!