Inverness College

I was watching the final this morning when Brianna and Roger go to the Inverness College. Photo Source – Outlander Online


I nearly fell out of bed when I recognised the building as Pathfoot Building at University of Stirling. Well it just so happens that I along with my husband and son visited here today. In September my son will be studying English at University of Stirling and this is the main building he will be in. The building wasn’t open today – hope to get some internal shots on another visit. My son is blind so we were visiting today to practise routes around the campus.

Information on the building can be found on University of Stirling website.

1 thought on “Inverness College

  1. Hi, Anne-Marie! It’s me again, Chas of Outlandish Scotland Journey. Does Matthew still attend University of Stirling? If so, I’m betting you visit often and I could really use some help with Ivy Cottage. My question: Is it now surrounded by unsightly fencing (like that around Garden Cottage)? Or, can you still get a good photo of it, such as the one that Mandy took in 2014?
    I can explain more if you’ll Email me. [I just revisited your About page and found your generous Doune Castle Kitchen pic permission–9 days after you posted it! LOL] Thank you so much!


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