Another visit to Castle Leoch (Doune Castle)

As I am still on holiday I decided it would be nice to revisit some of the Outlander locations. So on a wild windy January day I set forth with my husband to visit Doune Castle otherwise known as Castle Leoch in the series.

I took with me my POP figures of Jamie, Claire and Dougal.

This was my third visit to Doune Castle and my second Outlander inspired trip. We are Historic Scotland members. There is guide book, which I must have somewhere, and a free audio guide – worth using especially if it’s your first visit.

It was fun just to wander round and discover parts of the castle I had missed in pervious visits. On my previous visit I had ventured for a walk by the river but with all the rain there has been recently and the windy weather we opted to go back to the car.

My husband was surprised by the number of visitors there were. While we were there several small bus tours arrived. Don’t know if they were all Outlander fans! Doune Castle has been used for filming Game of Thrones and was used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (Not sure if the gift shop still sells coconut shells – they may have been replaced by the Outlander merchandise).


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